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4 X 4 Students: College & Career Readiness Superstars

The following LVHS students have earned a 4 out of 4 on ALL FOUR College & Career Readiness Standards, in every class this quarter. That's quite an accomplishment. They excel in Attendance & PunctualityCooperative WorkQuality of Work, and Timely Work Completion. More +

Second-Quarter College & Career Readiness Awards announced: Attendance & Punctuality

"Reliability" is a character trait valued by every employer and teacher. These students met the following criteria for every class:  "Student is present for tests / presentations, notifies teacher of school-related absences ahead of time, and is never tardy without a pass. Student makes up work promptly upon return."  More +

Second-Quarter College & Career Readiness Awards announced: Cooperative Work

When you think of a "team player," think of these students -- they received the highest rating in ALL CLASSES in this standard, and this describes them: "Student works effectively and productively with all peers, consistently makes meaningful contributions to group work and shows leadership." More +

Second-Quarter College & Career Readiness Awards Announced: Quality of Work

The highest level of performance with in this standard is described as "Student displays evident attention to detail and directions in all work, desires excellence and is working up to potential. Student is academically honest." These students are rated at that highest level, this quarter, in every class! More +

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Licking Valley High School

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