Kindergarten Registration is OPEN!!! Please call our Primary School at 740-763-2865 to register your child for our Kindergarten Clinic scheduled for March 22nd from 8:30AM till 3:30PM. Also, please register your child for Kindergarten using our Registration Gateway online registration portal and schedule a time to meet with our registrar to finalize the registration!

Congratulations to Middle School Teacher Adam Britton, recipient of the 2024 Licking County Foundation's Leaders For Learning Award!!!

LVHS Course Materials

LVHS Course Content: Reading, Viewing and Listening Materials from LVHS Classes

Throughout the time students attend Licking Valley High School, they have access to a full range of written work maintained in our Media Center, or in classroom libraries throughout the building. Additionally, they view/listen to/read materials that teachers select in accordance with our board policy. They also have access to an almost infinite number of resources via our connection to the Internet, which is filtered according to the provisions of LVLSD policy and the Children's Internet Protection Act

Materials in use at LVHS have been procured through various means: Some are purchased by the school, some are purchased by our staff and donated to the school, and others are purchased via various grant programs. Some are donated by people outside the school. In all cases, additions to our Media Center Collection and classroom libraries are selected in accordance with the following policies:

EOC Practice


Free -  Freerice is a non-profit website that is owned by and supports the United Nations World Food Programme. 

Freerice has two goals: 

1. Provide education to everyone for free and 

2. Help end world hunger by providing rice to hungry people for free. This website provides English Language Arts vocabulary practice. For every question you answer correctly, they will donate food to people all over the world. - Search for premade flashcard sets (English Language Arts Test Prep, ACT Vocab, Common Test Question Vocab, etc.) or create your own. - Practice the assigned vocabulary lists or choose “Play” to practice computer-generated words. 



Read - If you have a class account, you can use this website to practice reading comprehension and analysis through varied passages, multiple-choice questions, and written response questions. - Sign in to your account to read a variety of texts. The multiple-choice questions and writing prompts cover a variety of reading comprehension, explanation, and analysis questions. 


Practice Test - Use ODE’s website to access online practice tests and rubrics. 



Practice Writing Outlines - Use this example or outlines previously provided for English assignments. Drafting a quick outline prior to writing your essay will allow you to gather your thoughts, plan your essay, and maximize your time. 


Practice Test - Use ODE’s website to access online practice tests and rubrics. 

View text-based website