LVHS First-Quarter College & Career Readiness Awards Announced

This week, we'll recognize students who achieved a perfect mark of "4" within each of our College & Career Readiness Standards in all of their classes this quarter. On Friday, we'll reveal the select group of students who earned a "4" on every standard in every class, which is an incredible accomplishment. 
Our standards are published in our student handbook, and this handout shows the performance levels for each of the standards: Attendance & Punctuality, Timely Work, Quality Work and Cooperative Work. Here's what it means to get a "4" in each area:
  • Attendance & Punctuality: Student is present for tests / presentations, notifies teacher of school-related absences ahead of time, and is never tardy without a pass. Student makes up work promptly upon return.
  • Timely Work: Student turns in work by teacher deadlines and effectively uses time in class without exception. 
  • Quality Work: Student displays evident attention to detail and directions in all work, desires excellence and is working up to potential. Student is academically honest.
  • Cooperative Work: Student works effectively and productively with all peers, consistently makes meaningful contributions to group work and shows leadership. 

 LVHS measures and reports on these standards because academic achievement is important, but success in college and career depends much on what used to be called 'soft skills' -- like the ones in our standards. Show up, do your work, desire excellence, and be a team player!

 We'll release the lists on these days:

Monday-Attendance & Punctuality

Tuesday-Timely work

Wednesday-Quality work

Thursday-Cooperative work

Friday-ALL "4s" in every standard in every class.

Congratulations to these students! 

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